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Inconsistencies - 13/12/2020

Yes it has been a long time since my last post.

I will try to resume of more frequent schedule with a new format

It will just be a few comments about words that came up recently

No more quizzes. Everyone today wants immediate answers!

After the AGM Cathy tried to play SAILMEN, but that is no good

I suggested ISLEMAN. She thought that looked less like a word

The other alternatives are MALINES, MENIALS and SEMINAL

However, Cathy is right, words don't always make sense.

e.g. I don't know why COALMINE is allowed but not GOLDMINE

Fortunately if you have those letters you can play MODELING

Another odd one is that WISEWOMAN is allowed but not WISEMAN

Fortunately with those letters you can play MANWISE

However, in that case why is WOMANWISE is not allowed

Another one is that INHAULER is good but not INHAULED

Fortunately with the second group of letters you can play UNHAILED

This one can be explained. INHAUL is a type of line used on a sail

It is a noun, and an INHAUL can also be called an INHAULER

It is still a bit odd that INHAUL isn't a verb, but it is what it is.

Happy Scrabbling



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