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IOU a bunch of fives

There are 28 words of 5 letters that contain IOU

6 of them actually contain an A or E as well so they are very useful to deal with a rack which has too many vowels.

AUDIO -- A reproduction of broadcasted sounds

AULOI -- Plural of AULOS, a Greek wind instrument

LOUIE -- Lieutenant. Can also be spelled LOOIE or LOOEY

MIAOU -- Sound of a cat. Also MEOU, MEOW, MIAOW and MIAUL

OUIJA -- A board used in conducting a seance

OURIE -- Dingy or dismal (Scots). Also OORIE and OWRIE

That leave 22 more words. You will know some, but surely there will be one or two that you can add to your repertoire.

BIJOU -- A trinket or jewel

BITOU -- Bitou bush is a woody African scrub. Cannot be pluralised

COQUI -- A small tree frog

CURIO -- An unusual art objet

DUOMI -- Plural of DUOMO, an Italian cathedral

FUGIO -- An old coin previously used in the USA

GUIRO -- A notched gourd used as a percussion instrument

HOURI -- A virgin in the Muslim version of paradise

LOUIS -- A gold coin previously used in France

OCULI -- Plural of OCULUS, any eyelike feature

ODIUM -- Hatred accompanied by contempt

ONIUM -- A compound containing a certain type of Ions

OPIUM -- An addictive narcotic OUBIT -- A hairy caterpillar

PIOUS -- Religious reverence

POILU -- A French infantry soldier in the first World War

QUINO -- A game of chance. Also called KENO, KEENO or KINO

QUIPO -- An Incan method of keeping records with knotted cords

QUOIF -- To put the hair in a close fitting cap. Also COIF

QUOIN -- A heavy flat ring used in a game

UNION -- The state of being united

Happy Scrabbling



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