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J - - - - I N G - June 9

I learned a new word when my opponent played it recently. Since it was an 8 letter word starting with J and finishing with ING I had a look to see how many words fitted into that pattern. There are 30.

I usually like to do shorter lists than that for these blogs, but you must already know JANGLING, JAUNTING, JELLYING, JIGGLING, JEWELING, JINGLING, JOGGLING, JOINTING, JOLLYING, JOSTLING, JOUSTING, JUGGLING and JUMBLING.

That just leaves a more manageable 17, and you probably know some of those as well. Of those 16 are verbs from a stem word of 5 or 6 letters, so I will deal with these from the stem, so that you know there is an -ED verb form as well.

JABBLE (Scots) To splash

JANNY To act as a disguised merrymaker at Christmas

JAUNCE To prance

JAUNSE To prance

JEELY To make into a jelly. Can also be spelled JEELIE

JEMMY To force open with a short crowbar

JERQUE To search for contraband

JETTY To jut out

JIMMY To pry open with a jimmy

JIRBLE (Scots) To pour unsteadily

JOIST To fit with joists

JONES To have a strong desire

JOUNCE To jolt or shake

JUMAR To climb using ropes or clips. (Takes a T to make JUMART)

JUSTLE To run or strike against

JUTTY To jut out

There is one word which stands on its own with no shortened form, because the 8 letter word is a noun. Interestingly, it appears to be a rugby word, but I have never heard it used:


I have told you it is a rugby word. Do you know it or do you have to scroll down for the meaning?







Apparently it is the winning of the ball by the defender's team after a tackle and before a ruck has formed.

Happy Scrabbling



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