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K and Z - Feb 4

Do K and Z go together? You wouldn't have thought so, but there are plenty of words with 5 letters or less that have both letters. They can be very lucrative. I scored 69 recently, and it wasn't even the Z that was on a premium square.

ZEK - An inmate of a labour camp in the former USSR

KAZI - Lavatory. Also KHAZI and KARZY

KUZU - Thickening agent used in a macrobiotic diet

ZACK - Old Australian word for a sixpence before decimal currency

ZERK - Fitting on a bearing or axle for adding a lubricant

ZONK - To exhaust

ZOUK - Style of Caribbean dance music

AZUKI - Japanese bean. Also ADUKI and ADZUKI

KANZU - Long white garment worn in parts of Africa

KAZOO - Toy musical instrument. Also called GAZOO or GAZOOKA

KLUTZ - Clumsy person. Takes a Y hook for KLUTZY

KRANZ - Crown of rock on a mountaintop. Also KRANTZ

KUDZU - Ornamental plant in China and Japan

MUZAK - Piped background music. Takes a Y hook for MUZAKY

OZEKI - Champion sumo wrestler

ZAKAT - Islamic tax payable on certain types of property

ZINKE - An old German wind instrument

ZINKY - Of or like zinc. Also ZINCY and ZINCKY

That last one is a bit strange, because zink is not a word

Happy Scrabbling



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