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Kor, I should know that - 26/01/2021

On Monday I made a mistake when I challenged a short word starting with KOR. There are just 14 words of 3-5 letters highlighted in the list below. Did you know all of them or, like me, would you have wasted 5 points challenging any of them?

KOR - Hebrew unit of measure. Takes the standard plural of KORS

KORA - African musical instrument. Standard plural of KORAS

KORE - Greek statue of a young woman. KORES is one of 2 plurals

KORO - Elderly Maori man. Standard plural of KOROS

KORU - Stylised carving partten. Standard plural of KORUS

KORAI - The other way to pluralise KORE. No further extensions

KORAT - Cat with a silver-blue coat. Takes an S plural

KORMA - A mild curry. Takes an S plural. Also spelled QORMA

KORUN - Plural of KORUNA a Czech monetary unit

The last word is the most interesting one. Because it is already a plural it does not take an S, but there is another extension as well as an A. The word KORUNA has three different plurals. KORUN, KORUNAS, and KORUNY

Happy Scrabbling



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