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MotorWaY Words - June 28

I had a rude shock in a game recently. In an endgame I could have made the word SWAMP out to the edge of the board, but instead my choice was something that I thought was a cunning play. All of the nine I's had gone so my opponent could not play SWAMI so I just played SWAM leaving myself to get a very nice score for my P on the next turn. Imagine the shock when my opponent scored 59 for the word VERY using the Y to also make the word SWAMY. I didn't know that alternative spelling of SWAMI - a Hindu mystic.

You won't get the opportunity to make many bingos with MWY, but with 3 nice scoring tiles a 5 or 6 letter word can be quite handy as well. WIMPY, WORMY, WARMLY and SWAMPY all get played occasionally, but did you know these other possibilities?

AWMRY - A cupboard for sacred vessels

Well you should have known that one as I covered it in a recent blog, along with a number of other variant spellings

MAWKY - Maggoty

That makes sense as a MAWK is another word for a maggot

WOMBY - Hollow or capacious

That makes less sense to me. Does a womb have to be capacious?

WOMYN - A word created by American feminists

Wow, the length some people will go to just to avoid the letters MEN!

HAYMOW - A mass of hay laid up in a bard for preservation

I am glad i have seen this because i knew the word, but if it had been played I would have been tempted to add an N after it. HAYMOWS is the only extension

MIDWAY - A central avenue in a fair or sideshow

Worth remembering that this one can be pluralised. MIDWAYS looks like something that might get an extra 5 points for a challenge

WAMBLY - Unsteady or causing sickness

To WAMBLE is to move unsteadily

WHAMMY - A malevolent spell or influence

I had really only heard this in the expression 'double whammy'

WHIMMY - Full of whims

Just an alternative spelling of whimsy, but nice if you can play it!

SWIMMY - Either blurred or swimming


Happy Scrabbling



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