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Notional National Tattoo

Last week was the Nationals. That got me thinking that NATIONAL was made up of quite common letters, even though most bingos usually contain an E an R or an S.

Most of the words that use only those letters have several double or even triple letters. That really lowers the probability, but you must admit a lot of these words would be fun to play

A Grade Challenge

5 words of 8 letters that only use NATIONAL letters


A     L     N      N     N     O     O     T     

A     A     I     L     N     T     T     T

A     I     I     L      L     N     O     T   

I     I     L     N     N     O     O     T

A     I     L     L     O     T     T     T    

B & C Grade Study List


There are 17 words of 7 letters that use only NATIONAL letters.


AILANTO – An oriental tree

ALATION – The state of having wings

ANNATTA – A yellowish-red dye

ANNATTO – A yellowish-red dye

ANTLION – An insect that feeds on ants

ATTAINT – To pass sentence on someone

INITIAL – To mark with the first letters of one’s name

LANITAL – A wool-like fibre

LANOLIN – A fatty substance obtained from wool

LANTANA – A tropical shrub

LATILLA – Piece of wood between ceiling beams

LATITAT – A type of legal writ

LINALOL – A fragrant alcohol used in perfume

LITTLIN – A child

NITINOL – An alloy of nickel and titanium

NOTITIA – A list or register

TITANIA – A mineral


LINALOL can even take an extra O to make LINALOOL, which has the same meaning

Answers to A Grade Challenge


NONTONAL – Lacking tonality

LATITANT – Lurking  or lying in wait

ILLATION – The act of inferring from premises

NOLITION – Unwillingness

TALLITOT – A Jewish prayer shawl


Happy Scrabbling



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