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P is for Patrick

I like the letter P for Bingos. Frequently the words are easy to find because the P is at the start, just like in the word PATRICK, which is an old Irish farthing. Although the P is not always at the start. The anagram of patrick is TRIPACK.

A Grade Challenge


Only 3 combinations for you to work with this week. However, each combination has 4 words that start with the letter P. One of them also has a 5th anagram that starts with a different letter. A total of 13 words. That is a lot of words to find this week, but at least you know the starting letter for almost all of them. Can you find them all?



A     A     E     L     N     P     R     T

A     E     L     P     T     R     Y

A     D     E     O     P     R     R     T


B & C Grade Study List


These are some 7 letter bingos to learn. They all start with the letter P. They are words that both use common letters and are unusual enough that you might not have known them. I have also chosen words that have only one anagram, so there is no other answer with the same letters.


PAESANI – Plural of PAESANO. A fellow countryman

PANTILE – An overlapping S shaped roofing tile

PARDINE – Like a leopard

PAROTID – A gland situated near the ear

PATINAE – Filmy surfaces on metal or wood

PELORIA – Abnormal symmetry in flowers

PERAEON – A crustacean’s thorax

PERIDEA – Plural of PERIDIUM. Fungus spore coating


PETIOLE – The stalk of a leaf

PIERAGE – A fee paid for the use of a pier

PINTADO – The cape guinea fowl

PONTAGE – A toll paid on bridges

POUTINE – Canadian dish of potatoes and curd cheese


Answers to A Grade Challenge


PARLANTE – Sung in a manner suggesting speech




PEARTLY – From PEART – active or lively

PEYTRAL – An armoured breastplate for a horse

PRELATY – The office of a prelate – a clergyman

PTERYLA – The feathered area on the skin of a bird


PARROTED – Repeated without thought or understanding


PRORATED – Divided proportionately

PROTRADE – In favour of trade



 Happy Scrabbling Patrick


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