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Paddle This Canoe - Feb 11

This blog starts off with a list of just a few words to help you dispose of some vowels when you are trying to play the letters AIOO.

There is a 5 letter word with these 4 vowels. It is often played in my games

BOOAI - A remote rural place.

8 words of 6 letters as well - 9 counting the plural BOOAIS

BOOHAI - Alternate spelling, as is the word BOOAY

HOODIA - African plant whose sap is used as an appetite suppressant

OOIDAL - Egg shaped. If this is on the board look out for ZOOIDAL

OORALI - Plant from which curare is obtained. Look out for WOORALI

OORIAL - Himalayan sheep

ARIOSO - Melody resembling an aria. Plurals are ARIOSOS and ARIOSI

OOMIAC - Inuit canoe

OOMIAK - Inuit canoe

The topic for this blog was inspired by those last two words. They came to mind because I had a good score on Monday of 91 points for playing 6 tiles - UMIAQS

I was looking at different ways of spelling this canoe, thinking that only UMIAQ and OOMIAC had ever been played on my board, but there are 7 allowable spellings:


Why are UMIAC and UMIAK never played? They don't have any anagrams that you might choose to play instead

So I am challenging you to paddle this canoe as much as you can and see if you can play at least 3 of those possible spellings

Happy Scrabbling



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