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Rough Lava - 05/01/2021

One of the definitions that I learned a long time ago was the word AA

In casual matches against friends they would ask "what's that?"

AA - Volcanic rock. Angular blocks of lava with a rough surface

You all knew that word, but here are 3 letter words with AA together:

AAH - An verb expressing surprise. AAHS, AAHED, AAHING

AAL - The Indian mulberry tree.

AAS - The plural of AA

BAA - To cry like a sheep. BAAS, BAAED, BAAING

CAA - (Scots) To call. CAAS, CAAED, CAAING

FAA - (Scots) To fall. FAAS, FAAN, FAAING. --- Do not try faaed

MAA - To bleat like a goat. MAAS, MAAED, MAAING

Maybe you knew those 3 letter words, but how about these ones?

BAAL - (Hebrew) A false god

DAAL - Tropical plant like a pea. Also DAL, DAHL, DHAL, DHOLL

HAAF - (Old Norse) Deep sea fishing region

HAAR - (Old Norse) Cold sea mist

JAAP - An offensive South African term for an ignorant fool

KAAL - A South African term for naked. Adjective, so doesn't take S

KAAS - A large cupboard

MAAR - Volcanic crater without cone, often with a lake. Also MAARE

NAAM - (Historical) The action of taking another's goods by distraint

NAAN - Slightly leavened Indian bread

PAAL - (Dutch) In the Caribbean, a stake driven into the ground

PAAN - A betel leaf

SAAG - Spinach as referred to in Indian cookery

TAAL - The Afrikaans language

WAAC - A member of the Women's Auxiliary Army Corps

WAAH - An interjection used to express wailing. Does not take an S

YAAR - (Hinglish) Friend, as a form of address.

Long lists to learn can be discouraging. Hopefully this isn't too much

I hope that this time most people already knew the 3 letter words

Globe-trotting linguistics. See all the places these words are from:

Scots, Hebrew, Indian, Afrikaans, Dutch and even Old Norse

Happy Scrabbling



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