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Sacred Vessels - May 3

Where do you keep your sacred vessels?

Oh, you don't have any? Well in that case you might not know any of the following words. They all have the same meaning - a cupboard for sacred vessels. They have common enough letters that they will turn up on your rack every now and then and be very useful in a game of scrabble.


This is the only one that has an anagram - BARMY - but that extends to BARMIER whereas this makes the bingo AMBRIES. A very common combination with no alternative anagram


This also extends to make the bingo AMBERIES, but if you are lucky enough to get that, look out for a T to put on the end. An alternative meaning of AMBERY is to describe something like amber, so AMBERIER and AMBERIEST are both good


These extend to make AWMRIES, which is an anagram of SEMIRAW


This also extends to AUMBRIES. A nice find with no other anagram


The plural of this is ALMERIES, an 8 letter word that has two other anagrams - MEASLIER and EMAILERS

Perhaps it is the letters themselves that are the most sacred vessels contained within those words. Or is that concept too nerdy even for a devoted scrabbler?

Happy Scrabbling



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