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Seven Sevens - 14/01/14

The following is a list of 7 words that contain very common letters, but are words that an intermediate level scrabbler might not have known. They are useful words to know because each one is the only 7 letter word possible with those letters. They are also words that you might have thought you could pluralise with an S, but that letter cannot be added to any of them.


This is an adjective describing something as containing sand or being sandy. Another word with the same meaning is ARENOUS


This an extension of the Scottish word DOILT meaning crazy or foolish, so DOILTEST is also good. Another way to say crazy is DOILED. That is itself a bit crazy because doil is not allowed


This is a plural which does not have a singular. It is used to describe unplublished literary works.


This means that something is marked with lines. It is not a verb to mark something with lines, which is why an S cannot be added. However, the word LINEATED is OK, meaning essentially exactly the same thing as the original word. This is the only adjective on this list to which you can add a D. On some of the others that may look tempting, but they are all wrong


An adjective to describe something that is emitting a smell


A French poem of 13 lines with two rhymes and the opening words used as a refrain in two places. The only plural is RONDEAUX


This is an adjective describing either the fact that something resembles a rose or is overly optimistic.

Happy Scrabbling



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