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Some AUK WORD Fours and Fives

We all like to have a C when we have a K, but you don’t always get what you want. This quiz is about 4 letter words that include the letters A, U and K. Have a quick go to write down what 4 letter words you think you can make.

It makes it easier to remember the ones you didn’t know when you see the answers. This particular challenge is surely not a tricky one with lots of letters to juggle.

What letters fit into the pattern _ A U K

How about _ A K U

Are there other ways those letters can be placed?

The answer to that quiz are further down the page. Scroll down when you have written down the 4 letter words you can think of. In the meantime here area dozen interesting 5 letter words I have chosen that also include the letters AUK:

DUMKA Musical piece alternating between lively and sad moods KANZU A long white garment worn in parts of Africa

KAURU The edible stem of the cabbage tree KAWAU The black shag KEHUA A ghost or spirit KNAUR A knot in a tree KOURA The freshwater crayfish KULAN A wild Asian donkey – also KOULAN OAKUM Old untwisted ropes used to caulk the seams of ships OTAKU A young Japanese computer nerd PIKAU A rucksack PULKA A Lapland sledge shaped like a boat – Also PULKHA

So how did you go with the 4 letter words?

There were 16 words to find, but it would be impressive if you knew them all

Hopefully you found AUKS, but did you also spot SKUA? They are a cute anagram pair since they are both sea birds

There was one other anagram pair.

KAPU A Hawaiian set of rules for daily life

PAKU A large evergreen tree

The other 12 words were:

BAUK To refrain from proceeding - also CAULK CAUK An opaque compact mineral - also CAWK

KAGU A flightless bird HAKU The kingfish

KUIA An elderly Maori woman JAUK To dawdle KULA A ceremonial exchange of gifts on Pacific islands KUNA Croatian money. 100 LIPA =1 KUNE. Plural = KUNA RAKU A kind of Japanese earthenware KUTA A man or boy regarded as unpleasant or contemptible WAUK To scour and mill cloth

Doesn’t that just take the biscuit? I do a completely unrelated list and find a money item which was missed during the series of blogs on currencies!

Happy Scrabbling Patrick


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