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Some Effing Good Words

The letter of the week is F. Nuff said. Yes, you can use NUFF as slang for the word enough. You have just learned your first F word in this blog


A Grade Challenge

Unscramble these 7 letter words. They all contain an F. There are only 4 combos this week, but each one has two answers so there are 8 words to find in all


A     E     F     L     N     R     S

E     F     H     I      L     S     S

A     A     E     F     L     R     P

A     B     F     H     I     S     T


B & C Grade Study List


Last week I played a triple against 2 B Grade players and neither of them knew the first word on this list. So I thought this week’s learning list could be 15 words of 4 letters containing an F that you might not have known


PFUI  -  Exclamation of contempt – PHOOEY

AWFY  -  Awfully or extremely

FIKY  -  Fidgety or restless – FIKISH, FIKIER, FIKIEST

FYKE  -  To fidget – FYKED, FYKING

FYCE  -  Small dog of mixed breed – FICE, FEIST

GOWF  -  To play golf (Scottish) – GOWFED, GOWFING

KUFI  -  Close-fitting Muslim hat

YOOF  -  Young person

YUFT  -  Russian leather


OOFY  -  Expensive or ostentatious – OOFIER, OOFIEST

FOZY  -  Lacking freshness – FOZIER, FOZIEST

MILF – Sexually attractive middle-aged woman

MOFO  -  Obnoxious person

OFAY  -  A racist word describing a white person


I have used that last word many times. The computer disallowed it in a game using the ‘sanitized’ dictionary that New Zealand has refused to adopt. I was surprised it wasn’t allowed because I had no idea about the meaning

When using that dictionary the most annoying missing word is ABO. Very frustrating when you have a 7 letter word to play but it won’t go down because hooking an A in front of BO is not allowed.

One of the reasons the ‘sanitized’ dictionary is a bit stupid is that both the previous two words – MILF and MOFO – are actually listed as offensive, but are allowed

Note that FIKE, FYKE and FIKY are good, but not fyky.


Answers to A Grade Challenge


SALFERN – Medicinal herb also called GROMWELL


HISSELF – Himself

SELFISH – Concerned only with oneself

EARFLAP – Part of a cap that covers the ears

PARAFLE – Pretentious display

BATFISH – Several species of fish with winglike projections

BIFTAHS – Cannabis cigarettes


Happy Scrabbling



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