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TEAROIL and NOTREAL are the two most ‘high prob’ combinations you can get that do not make a 7 letter word. As you try to get nice bingo friendly letters on your rack you are bound to occasionally get these combinations instead.

If you get lemons then make lemonade is the appropriate analogy. Even if these letters are not quite right for LEMONADE. Since these letters don’t make a 7 letter word, but you are bound to see these combinations quite often it is important to be able to spot any opportunities to play an 8 letter word

R.e.ALTONE A ringtone that closely resembles a real sound

f.LOREANT A declaration – May they flourish

OR.i.ENTAL From the Orient RELAT.i.ON An association between people or things TA.i.LERON Part of a 2 piece tail plane

t.ETRONAL A hypnotic and sedative drug t.OLERANT Liberal, unbiased, patient

O.u.TLEARN To surpass in learning

ORNATEL.y Decorated

Considering how nice they look, it is not real just how bad those letters are! They only make an 8 letter word with 6 different letters. By contrast, TEAR OIL just gushes forth with possibilities, making words with 14 different letters:

LA.b.ORITE Someone who supports workers’ rights

EROTI.c.AL Of or pertaining to the passion of love LORI.c.ATE To provide with a protective coating

I.d.OLATER Someone who worships idols TAILORE.d Fitted with clothes

A.e.ROLITE A meteorite

f.LOATIER Having a greater tendency to float

AEROLIT.h A meteorite

A.m.ITROLE A herbicide ROLA.m.ITE Two or more rollers connected by a belt

ORIE.n.TAL From the Orient RELATIO.n An association between people or things TAILERO.n Part of a 2 piece tail plane

E.p.ILATOR An agent for removing hair p.ETIOLAR Resembling a leaf stalk

r.ETAILOR To tailor again

s.OTERIAL Pertaining to salvation

LI.t.ERATO A learned man. Plural LITERATI

v.IOLATER Someone who violates

TRIA.z.OLE A compound with 3 nitrogen and 2 carbon atoms

Happy Scrabbling



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