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The Final Reckoning

This is the conclusion of the currency series with a few unusual words from the last part of the alphabet. But first there is a Portugese gold coin that should have been included in the previous installment. PORTAGUE and PORTIGUE are alternative spellings of the same coin.

SCUDO --- Bolivia and Malta. Once used in Italy. Only plural is SCUDI

SHEKEL --- Israel. Alternative spelling - SHEQEL

SOMONI --- Tajikistan

SUCRE --- Ecuador

SYLI --- Guinea

TAEL --- China

TAKA --- Bangladesh

TALA --- Samoa

THALER --- Germany - An old coin also spelled TALER

TICAL --- Cambodia

TOGROG --- Mongolia - Alternative spellings TUGRIK and TUGHRIK

TOLAR --- Slovenia

TOMAN --- Persia

VATU --- Vanuatu

YANG --- Korea

YUAN --- China

ZLOTY --- Poland - Alternative spelling of ZLOTE

Happy Scrabbling



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