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Too Many E's - May 24

E is the most common letter - there are 12 in the bag. That is all as it should be because we are usually more than happy to pick one up. However you sometimes get too many of them. 4, 5 or even 6 E's is definitely too much of a good thing.

6 words of 6 letters that have 4 E's. Did you know them all?

BEEBEE A pellet for an airgun

PEEWEE The lapwing - a bird. Also known as the PEWIT or PEEWIT

TEEPEE Native American tent. Also spelled TIPI or TEPEE

TEEVEE Television

VEEPEE A colloquial term for a vice-president

WEEWEE To urinate

It is more likely that you might play a 5 letter word with 3 E's. I won't list all of these, just a few that you might not already have known

BELEE To put on the lee side. (Opposite to the windward side)

EEVEN Evening. This can also be spelled EEVN or EEVNING

ELPEE A long playing record

EMEER An Eastern ruler

EMCEE A verb meaning to serve as the master of Ceremonies

EXEEM or EXEME To release or exempt

FEEZE To faze. Many spellings of this including FEAZE and PHEEZE

GELEE A cosmetic gel

HEEZE To hoist. (Listen to them strain to lift as you say the word!)

JEEZE Interjection expression consternation. Also GEEZ and JEEZ

NEEZE To sneeze

PEECE Obsolete spelling of PIECE. Only PEECES, not peeced.

WEEKE Obsolete spelling of WICK, not WEEK

Happy Scrabbling



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