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Turkish Trap - Mar 22

On the way back from Rotorua on Saturday night we stopped for sustenance in Cambridge at a Turkish Kebab place. There were two items on the menu that caught my attention. One was ISKENDER and the other was MUJVER. I thought they were great words and was happy to have learned something new. Unfortunately they both proved to be illegal for scrabble. Isn't it amazing that you can walk into a commercial establishment and find two words that are not part of our dictionary. Maybe they will be added in the next update.

Iskender is a kebab which requires a vertical rotisserie and thinly sliced layers of beef, lamb and either veal or chicken. if you get those letters at least there is one legal word you can play - DEERSKIN.

Mujver or mucver which is also not allowed is a type of fritter or pancacke made from grated zucchini. There are no anagrams of either of those words, but they did inspire the following list which is all the 6 letter words that have both a J and a V. Some of them will be familiar to you, but you have impressive word knowledge if you already know them all.

AJIVAS - The plural of AJIVA, which is inanimate matter

EVEJAR - An alternative name for a bird called the nightjar

JARVEY or JARVIE - A driver of a horse-drawn taxi

JAVELS - The plural of JAVEL, which is a worthless fellow

JAYVEE - A junior varsity player on a sports team

JIVERS - People who jive

JIVEST - The most JIVE. Here, JIVE means deceitful, not dancing

JIVIER - An extension of either JIVY or JIVEY which are jazzy or lively

JIVING - Dancing to either jazz or swing music

JOVIAL - Good humoured

JUVIES - The plural of JUVIE, a juvenile detention centre

SVARAJ - Self-government or home rule. Also spelled SWARAJ

VEEJAY - An announcer on a program of music videos

VERJUS - The sour juice of unripe fruit. Also spelled VERJUICE

Happy Scrabbling



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