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What is the Oil Rate?

Just a break this week from my series of currency words. Sometimes you get really common and normally useful letters on your rack, but they do not make a 7 letter word. Every scrabble player must have had OILRATE on their rack at some time. There are no 7 letter words, but if you can access the right letter on the board there are plenty of 8 letter words you might play.


C + OILRATE (2 words)





M + OILRATE (2 words)

N + OILRATE (3 words)

P + OILRATE (2 words)






I have presented them that way for the people who want to see how many they can find for themselves, but if you are not in the mood to test yourself just scroll straight down to the answers.

LABORITE - Someone who supports worker's rights

EROTICAL - Something pertaining to passion or love

LORICATE - To put on a protective coat or to armour something

IDOLATER - Someone who worships idols - Also IDOLATOR

TAILORED - To fit with clothes

AEROLITE - A meteorite

FLOATIER - More inclined to float

AEROLITH - A meteorite

AMITROLE - A herbicide used for controlling weeds in crops

ROLAMITE - Two or more rollers connected by a belt

ORIENTAL - Something from the East

RELATION - An association between people or things

TAILERON - A control surface mounted on the tail of an airplane

EPILATOR - Something used for removing hair

PETIOLAR - describing something that is like the stalk of a leaf

RETAILOR - To tailor something again

SOTERIAL - Something that is pertaining to salvation

LITERATO - A man of learning - the plural is LITERATI

VIOLATER - Someone who violates - also VIOLATOR

TRIAZOLE - A molecule with 3 nitrogen and 2 carbon atoms

To conclude this blog I am going to mention something that is not a legal word in scrabble. I am always interested by words that are not in our dictionary, but surely there isn't a sport that is played by 5 million Americans and has professional leagues, but our dictionary has not yet included it yet? OK, those professional players only earn tens of thousands of dollars at the moment rather than millions, but I was still very interested in a sport called PICKLEBALL that was covered on CNN this week. Just imagine how shocked you would be if you played RUGBY and your opponent challenged it off because it wasn't in the dictionary? I can't find pickleball anywhere spelled as two words. It is definitely a one word name

You might say it doesn't matter because it is such a long word. I would reply that it is playing those longer words that are the most memorable plays in our game. It is over 20 years since Jeff Grant won a game against me by extending OLOGIES to CRIMINOLOGIES and I still tell people about it. Bob Jackman won a game against me in a Trans-Tasman competition by extending JURIES to REINJURIES. My own favourite play was when STONERS, NESTORS or TENSORS would not fit on a very blocked board but I found a place where the word MINE could be extended to MINESTRONES

Anyway. I hope you found this blog interesting and that you learned some useful OILRATE words. Maybe pickleball will be in the next dictionary update.

Happy Scrabbling



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