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Works Beginning DH

How many words of 6 letters or less can you think of which start with the letters DH? Just the singular versions, because they all take an S except the one which ends with a Y

There is one word beginning with the letters DH that I have seen played a few times. It is an oriental boat, I am sure you know the one. There is another one that is an Indian wild dog which makes the occasional appearance as well. In a game the other day I played one of the other words that start that way and was quite relieved that it was correct because it looked odd and I wasn't sure.

So I have had a look and there are 22 words, quite a lot of which I did not know. They are all either Indian or Arabic in origin so when I list the meanings I will ignore that piece of information and you can just assume it is something which comes from that part of the world


DHAL Lentil

DHOL Cylindrical drum


DHABA Roadside café

DHIKR Religious ceremony

DHOBI Washerwoman

DHOLE Wild dog

DHOLL Lentil

DHOTI Loin cloth

DHUTI Loin cloth

DHAMMA Religious duty

DHARMA Religious duty

DHARNA Method of collecting a debt

DHIMMI Non muslim in a state governed by Sharia law

DHOLAK Two headed drum

DHOOLY Large box carried by 4 or 6 bearers


DHOOTI Loin cloth

DHURNA Method of collecting a debt


DHYANA Deep meditation

There is one nice front hook. An A goes in front of DHARMA:

ADHARMA Unrighteousness

Happy Scrabbling Patrick


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