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You Can Pay With These Too

Continuing the monetary theme from the last blog:

LAARI --- Maldives - also LARI and LAREE

LEK --- Albania

LEMPIRA --- Honduras

LEONE --- Sierra Leone

LEU --- Moldova and Romania

LEV --- Bulgaria

LIBRA --- Peru

LIVRE --- Guadeloupe

LOTI --- Lesotho

MANAT --- Azerbaijan --- divided into 100 GOPIK or QAPIK

MARAVEDI --- Spain --- Former Spanish coin

MARKA --- Bosnia and Herzegovina --- Also MARKKA and MARAKA

METICA --- Mozambique --- Also METICAL

NAIRA --- Nigeria

NAKFA --- Eritrea

NGULTRUM --- Bhutan

OBOL --- Ionian Islands --- Also OBOLUS

OSTMARK --- Lithuania

OUGUIYA - Mauritania

I have actually played that last one in a game of scrabble. Imagine what a difference that makes. Instead of having a load of awkward rubbish you can just play a bingo and draw 7 new tiles.

Although that covers only 4 more letters from L to O we are going to stop there because if there are too many words in the list most people throw up their hands in horror and give up. Hopefully that is about the right size to be digestible. It is amazing how many different currencies and coins there are, so we will have to continue this theme another day

Happy Scrabbling



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