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Tolkien's Revenge

At club on Monday night I lost a turn by playing BYWATER. I knew it wasn’t a word acquired from looking at lists, but I thought it was general knowledge referring to a stream or lake that was a smaller part of some larger water system. Apparently there is no such thing. I must have picked it up from the name of a village in ‘Lord of the Rings.’ It is a long time since I read Tolkien's classic, so that word must have been buried in my mind for over 20 years, because i don't think the name is used in Peter Jackson's movies. Never mind st least it suggested that WATER words might make a good quiz. The only 3 words formed by a 2 letter hook in front of water are DEWATER, REWATER and UNWATER. How

Aye Aye Aye

When Carmen Miranda sang “Aye Aye Aye I like you very much” it is safe to say she wasn’t singing about scrabble or having multiple numbers of that particular letter. However sometimes you can even find a bingo with three I’s. Just to show you how generous I am I will even give you two blanks and an S See how you go with the rack: ? ? I I I M S There are actually 6 different bingos you can play, but anyone except A graders should be very happy if they can just find one. As usual the answers are at the bottom of the blog. Playing a bingo with 3 I’s is possible, but the most usual thing to do when you get that unfortunate triple is to play a 4 or 5 letter word that includes tw

A Couple of Words With Trump & N. Korea

In searching around for a theme I looked at the big news of the week which was the American deal with North Korea. Inspiration didn't really strike me, so there a just a couple of snippets to be used as a quiz. Your rack is: N K O R E A ? Can you use the blank to make a 7 letter word? You have the letters T R U M P on your rack and want to get rid of those letters and keep the other ones (in other words you want to dump trump) Obviously you might play the word TRUMP, or play up to an S to make TRUMPS, but there is only one other word made using a letter on the board. To help you out, the letter you will need is an O. See if you can find a 6 letter word with O T R U

Casting a Fresh Eye on Retina

The inspiration for this theme comes from Liz Fagerlund who mentioned a word she had played at the Nationals last week. It was a very good find because it was an odd group of letters and it was a 7 letter word ending –EYE. I wondered how many bingos ended with those 3 letters and it turns out there are 12 words of 7 letters and 7 words of 8 letters that end in –EYE. So that is your quiz for this blog. How many of those 19 words can you find? As usual the answers are at the bottom of the page. I thought I would do a RETINA list, but as it is one of the basic word lists most of you will be very familiar with that. Some of the 8 letter words with RETINA are less well known and worthy of study,

A Racist Blog, not a Racist Tweet

One group of letters that I really like is R-A-C-I-S-T. Even though you have a C and not an E there is quite a good chance that the 7th letter will make a bonus word. In addition there are some interesting unusual words that may well draw a challenge, so part of this blog will be devoted to listing those possibilities. To make a puzzle that ties in with that theme imagine that your opponent starts the game with the word BLACK. They might start on the centre square because that scores 36 points. I am sure you will have already thought of some three letter extensions to reach the edge of the board, but did you know there are 12 words that fit the pattern B L A C K - - - Of course your

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