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UV Exposure

Unfortunately, we all get exposed to UV sometimes. Just make sure you don’t get burned…..


A Grade Challenge

Unscramble these 7 letter words that contain a U and a V


A     E     S     S     T     V     U

A     C     I     L     N     V     U

A     C     E     H     K     V     U

A     E     N     P     R     V     U

A     I     L     N     P     V     U


Vocabulary Test

Just for a change there is an extra section in this week’s blog because of a word that caught my eye. We have all heard of some wealthy people having a panic room where they retreat in times of crisis. My vocabulary question is:

What is a place called that you retreat to in times of ill-humour?



B & C Grade Study List

The following is a full list of all the 3 and 4 letter words that can be used to dump both a U and a V. First the words of 3 letters:

With an A you can make UVA and VAU. Those take 2 back hooks each to make the 4 letter words UVAE, UVAS, VAUS and VAUT.

With a G you can make GUV and VUG. The first one is the more defensive play because it only takes an S for GUVS. The second word takes three hooks to make VUGG, VUGH and VUGS.

With an L you can make LUV. This is a verb so as well as LUVS if you have another V you can make LUVVED and LUVVING.

With an M you can make VUM. Like LUV this is a verb so as well as VUMS if you have another M you can make VUMMED and VUMMING. This word also takes a front hook of O to make OVUM. Be careful not to put an S on that because the only allowable plural is OVA.

These are the 4 letter words that have not already been mentioned as extensions to the 3 letter words:

ULVA is a type of seaweed. It takes an S for ULVAS and a V front hook for VULVA.

URVA is a type of mongoose that eats crabs. It takes an S for URVAS and an M front hook for MURVA.

JUVE is a term for the person playing the juvenile lead in a thatrical production. It takes an S for JUVES.

ERUV has an interesting meaning. It is a designated region where Jewish religious rules are relaxed. It just takes an S for ERUVS.

VULN means to wound or pierce with a weapon. It takes an S for VULNS and as it is a verb VULNED and VULNING are also allowed.

VROU is a South African woman, especially a married one. As well as VROUS it also takes a W for the alternative spelling of VROUW.


Answers to A Grade Challenge

SUAVEST – Most suave

VINCULA – Horizontal line over an equation - like brackets

HECKUVA – A heck of a

PARVENU – Someone recently become wealthy or powerful

PLUVIAN – Crocodile bird - OR - Adjective meaning rainy


Vocabulary Answer


It is called a GROWLERY. What a nice word to play!


Happy Scrabbling



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