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V.C. on ANZAC day

It is ANZAC day on Thursday and I couldn't think of anything from last week i could use as a theme, so I have used ANZAC instead

A Grade Challenge

You pull out your first tiles of the game and are admiring the letters

ANZAC plus 2 blanks.

There are 6 bingos you could put down to get a great start.

However, it is not your first turn, and your opponent gives your ANZAC a VC by starting the game with CAVY..

What is the ONLY bingo you can play now?

What were the 6 bingos you could have played if it had been your first turn?

B & C Grade Study List


Today’s list concerns the letter Z with a double A

There is only 1 four letter word with ZAA and that is AZAN. But that one is well worth remembering if you can get it onto the board because you might be able to build it into HAZAN and then into CHAZAN.

ANZAC is not a valid word for scrabble, but these are all the valid 5 letter words that include ZAA, (I left out 2 that have a double Z)

Firstly, here is one combination of 5 letters that has 3 possible words.

BAZAR   Eastern marketplace. Also spelled BAZAAR

BRAZA   Spanish unit of length

ZABRA   Small Spanish sailing boat

Other legal words with ZAA are:

AGAZE   Adjective for gazing or staring

AMAZE   To overwhelm with astonishment

AZANS   Muslim calls to prayer

BAIZA   Monetary unit of Oman

GAZAL   Persian or Arabic verse form. Also GHAZAL or GHAZEL

GAZAR   Stiff silk fabric

HAMZA   Arabic punctuation mark

HAZAN   Cantor in a synagogue

LAZAR   Leper. Takes a front hook to make BLAZAR

MATZA   Unleavened bread. Also MATZO

PLAZA   Public square

SADZA   Porridge made from maize flour

SPAZA   Small South African shop in a township

ZAIDA   A Yiddish word for grandfather

ZAKAT   Islamic property tax

ZAMAN   A mimosa tree

ZAMIA   Type of cycad

ZANJA   Irrigation canal

ZOAEA Larval stage of crabs

Answers to A Grade Challenge

The only word you can play now is through the V

CZAREVNA   The daughter of a czar

The 7 letter words you had were


CADENZA   Elaborate musical passage.

CANZONA   Song resembling a madrigal but less strict

CHAZANS   Cantors in a synagogue

CHAZZAN   Cantor in a synagogue

CZARINA   Empress of Russia

ZACATON   Coarse grass in Southern USA


Happy Scrabbling




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