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I Prewrote This Blog

We have been fortunate to have a few new players join the club recently. In a game between two of them – Ben and Calum - I noticed a great word – PREWRITE. It makes perfect sense, but I had to go and check it because I couldn’t recall having seen it before.

Hooking a P in front of a bingo starting with RE is always worth thinking about. There are so many that I really couldn’t use it for a blog, but we certainly will make P the letter of the week. In the meantime, here are a couple of P hooks you might not have known.

PRECIPE – A writ commanding that something be done.

PREMORSE – An adjective meaning ending abruptly.


 A Grade Challenge

Since PREWRITE was the word of the week here are some questions based around that word:

What is the anagram of PREWRITE?

What word do you have if you change the W to an O? –- EEIOPRRT

What word do you have if you change the T to a D? --- EEDIPRRW

What word do you have if you change the I to an E? --- EEEPRRTW

What 2 words can you make if you change an E to an I? --- EIIPRRTW

B & C Grade Study List


This study list will look at P in conjunction with lots of vowels.

All the words of 4 letters where the P is the only consonant:

EPEE – A type of sword

OUPA – A South African grandfather

PAUA – The abalone shell


All the 7 letter words with a P and 5 vowels

EUPNOEA – Normal breathing

EPINAOI – Plural of EPINAOS – a rear vestibule

IPOMOEA – A flowering plant

EPUISEE – An adjective meaning exhausted.


A selection of the words with 6 letters and 4 vowels

APNOEA – A temporary cessation of breathing

APOGEE – The farthest point of an orbit

EPIZOA – Plural of EPIZOON – animal that lives on another animal.

EURIPI – Plural of EURIPUS – a channel with strong sea currents.

LEIPOA – An Australian bird called a scrub turkey.

PIOPIO – An extinct NZ thrush

PIUPIU – A Maori flax skirt

TAUPIE – A foolish or awkward young person

Answers to A Grade Challenge


TWERPIER – More like a twerp.

PORTIERE – A curtain hanging across a doorway.

PREWIRED – To wire beforehand

PEWTERER – Someone who makes articles of pewter

TWIRPIER – More like a twirp

TRIPWIRE – A hidden wire in a low place


Happy Scrabbling




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