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U2 Sucks - (Apologies to Bono)

Having too many U’s on your rack can certainly be a drawback. Maybe this list of 5 letter words with at least 2 U’s will help in that situation. I have restricted it to words that have two U’s but that you don’t need an S to play. That would be a much bigger list because of words ending -US, such as MUCUS.

AHURU A small fish AUGUR To tell from signs AURUM Gold BUCHU / BUCKU Alternative spellings of an African medicinal plant BUNDU A remote, uncultivated region BUTUT The currency of Gambia CUTUP A mischievous person DURUM A strain of wheat FUGUE To compose a type of music HUDUD A set of Laws and punishments specified in the Koran JUGUM A pair of opposite leaves KAURU The edible stem of the New Zealand cabbage tree KUDZU An ornamental plant MUNTU A black African QUEUE To wait in line QUIPU A calculating device using knotted cords TUKTU Another name for the caribou TUQUE A knitted woollen cap UHURU A word of Swahili origin that signifies national independence UNCUT Not cut UNDUE Not due UNDUG Not dug UNGUM To free from gum UPRUN To run up URUBU The American black vulture UVULA the fleshy portion of the soft palate VOULU A word of French origin meaning deliberate or contrived


There were no particularly unusual words in that last set, but congratulate yourself if you got MEGAHIT. A very hard word to spot.

The combinations for the next quiz all contain the letter U:

A – E – G – I – N – S – U

A – I – L – O – S – T – U

A – E – E – N – N – T – U

E – I – N – O – R – T – U

E – I – M – O – R – S – U

I – O – O – R – S – T – U

B – E – I – L – R – T – U

E – H – I – R – S – T – U

B – D – E – I – N – O – U

A – L – N – O – R – S – U



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