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Bob a Job Hobnob

Three letter words ending in the letters OB are quite often played because they can score moderately well for a 3 letter word and because almost all of them are ordinary words that everybody knows.

Since they are so common we should know all the letters that go after them.

Certainly someone like myself should know, but at club last night I came up with a dud extension that was correctly challenged off, so this blog is my own effort to try to make sure I don’t make the same mistake again.



Those 14 words are all the 3 letter words ending in OB.

They all can be pluralised with an S so take that as a given. Your quiz for today is to decide what other letters go after each of the other words. Most of them do take another letter or letters as well as that S, but not all of them do.

See how many you can get without writing down any duds.

While you are thinking about that I will give you a little more information so that you can’t see the answers without scrolling down.

The one unusual 3 letter word you might not have known the meaning of is:

KOB A reddish-brown antelope

As well as knowing what goes after a word it is useful to know the hooks that go in front as well. This time it isn’t a quiz. The possible front hooks are:

B – LOB To form into a globule

F – LOB To spit

G – LOB A roundish drop of a semiliquid substance

S – LOB To behave in a boorish manner

K – NOB A rounded protuberance

S – NOB A person who puts too much value on social standing

P – ROB A problem

OK, those are the front hooks. How did you go on the quiz with the back hooks?

There are 3 words that only take an S. They are FOB, NOB and YOB

The other extensions are:

BOB – A A contagious skin disease

BOB – O A well to do person who leads a bohemian lifestyle

COB – B The grear black-backed seagull

DOB – E An unburned, sun-dried brick made of clay and straw

DOB – Y An unburned, sun-dried brick made of clay and straw

GOB – I A cabbage or cauliflower

GOB – O A device used to shield a microphone

GOB – Y Any fish of the genus Gobus with ventral fins forming a sucker

HOB – O To live like a tramp

JOB – E To reprimand tediously

KOB – O A monetary unit of Nigeria

LOB – E A rounded projecting anatomical part

LOB – I The plural of LOBUS, the Latin word for a lobe

LOB – O The timber wolf

MOB – E A mobile phone

MOB – Y A mobile phone

ROB – E To dress

SOB – A Japanese noodles made from buckwheat

Happy Scrabbling


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