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Beauty in the I of the Beholder

A Grade Challenge


This week’s A Grade words all have a double I.


C     E     I     I     N     S     U

C     E     I     I     M     S     S

C     E     I     I     M     T     T

E     H     I     I     K     L     S

A     B     I     I     L     O     V


B & C Grade Study List


Last week I was able to get a good score when my opponent played the word BIND one away from the edge of the board taking a chance that I did not have an S. They were right about that, but they had forgotten about the word BINDI which is the red dot that Indian women have on their forehead. It can also be spelled BINDHI. This week's list contains 15 words of 4 letters that are common enough that anybody might have played them. They all take an I as a suffix to make a less common word, usually an S as well. I will put any other hooks in brackets, but there will not be more than one additional possible hook. The meanings are all for the 5 letter word with an I at the end because I have chosen only words of common knowledge for the 4 letter word


ARCH – I   Plural of ARCO, the bow of a stringed instrument

BARF – I   Indian dessert made from milk and sugar

COAT – I   Animal related to the racoon. (COATE)

CROC – I   Plural of CROCUS, a plant. (CROCK)

CULT – I   Plural of CULTUS a religious ritual. (CULTY)

CURL – I   Hairlike attachments on some bacteria (CURLY)

FILM – I   Hindi word for the film industry (FILMY)

FLEX – I   Abbreviation of flexitime (FLEXO)

FUND – I   South African word for an expert

JINN – I   Supernatural being in Muslim mythology

LOGO – I   Plural of LOGOS. Greek for rational principle (LOGON)

MYTH – I   Plural of MYTHUS, Latin for a story (MYTHY)

PARD – I   Used as a mild oath. Assured by God (PARDY)

PART – I   Group of people. (PARTY)

PULL – I   Plural of PULLUS, a chick or young bird (PULLY)


Answers to A Grade Challenge


CUISINE   Cooking

SEISMIC    Relating to earthquakes. ASEISMIC is a good hook

TITMICE    Plural of a bird called a TITMOUSE

HELISKI   Ski down mountains reached by helicopter

BOLIVIA   A soft fabric


Happy Scrabbling



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