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Bingos in the British Isles


Are any of them allowable words at Scrabble?

Only one. WALE is a verb meaning to mark with welts

But we are looking at bingos and this is a tour of British ones

My blog is in 4 sections. It could be a quiz of 4 nations.

1) The letters ENGLAND make one 7 letter word. What is it?

2) The letters SCOTLAND make one 8 letter word. What is it?

3) IRELAND is a great looking bunch of letters, but there are no 7 letter words. If you have a blank as well there are nine words of 8 letters you can make. How many can you find?

4) The Welsh name for Wales is CYMRU. That is not a word you can play at Scrabble and if you have those letters with 2 blanks there are only 5 possible bingos you can play. Can you find any of them?

The first answer is ENDLANG which is ironically a Scottish word which means to place something lengthwise. If you were saying this South of the border you word probably use the word ENDLONG

The second answer is COTLANDS the plural of COTLAND, the land belonging to a cottage. I wondered if that made it a word from South of the border as the Cotswolds are a region in South-West England, but that turns out to have a completely different etymology

The answers to the 3rd question about words from ?IRELAND are:

BILANDER - Two masted cargo vessel. Also BYLANDER

RENAILED - Nailed again

FILANDER - Intestinal worm that is found in hawks

DANGLIER - Hanging more loosely

DEARLING - A much loved person. Also DARLING

DRAGLINE - An excavating machine on articulated tracks

HARDLINE - An unyielding attitude or policy

INLANDER - Someone who lives inland

ISLANDER - Someone who lives on an island

the answers to the 4th question about words from ??CYMRU are

CRUMBLY - Easily crumbled

MERCURY - A metallic element

CRUMPLY - Easily wrinkled

SCRUMMY - Scrumptious, tasty.

SCRUMPY - A kind of rough cider

Happy Scrabbling



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