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Headed for Level One - Feb 19

With scrabble on Monday night on what is hopefully the last day of Level Two it seemed like a good moment to look at a few words that begin with ONE.

ONER Something unique.

ONELY Only. I am sure you would spot the front hook for LONELY

ONERY Cantakerous. An alternative spelling of ornery. All experts will at some stage have played ONERIER or ONERIEST

ONESIE A soft, loose fitting, one piece garment. Plural ONESIES

ONEYER A Shakespearian term meaning 'a great one'. Takes two front hooks of B & M to make BONEYER and MONEYER. If you have the S for ONEYERS then the only front hook is the M for MONEYERS

ONEYRE An alternative spelling of the same Shakespearian term, but there are no front hooks on either this or the plural of ONEYRES

ONEFOLD I thought this meant something that was done once, but interestingly it means single minded. As an adjective it does not take a plural

ONEIRIC Belonging to dreams. By doing this blog I have just learned the alternative spelling of ONIRIC which although it isn't a ONE word is very interesting. I have often played the word IRONIC with the same letters, so maybe some of those times this word would score more or been tactically better, or just 5 points for a challenge


ONEROUS Burdensome

ONESELF A person's self. Doesn't take any sort of plural

ONETIME Adjective referring to a former state. Takes a Z front hook for ZONETIME

Happy Scrabbling



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