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Mnemonics - May 31

Some people learn words that are difficult to spell with mnemonics

Some of the ones that have been given to me in the past are;

AIOLI - All Irishmen Only Like Irishwomen

AIDOI - All Islanders Die On Islands

VOZHD - Very Old Zoos Have Dinosaurs

WAQF - Want A Quick F....?

WAKF - Want A Kinky F....?

I thought I might try my hand at creating a few more:

How do you like these ones I thought up today?

NDUJA - November, December Usually January Afterwards

GHERAO - Get Her Expensive Rare Antique Ornaments

URAEI - Uranium Radiation Alters Every Isotope

AULOI - Airheads Usually Lose Optimistic Investments

AIYEE - Apparently Idiotic Yet Extremely Effective

Those are my 5 new mnemonics to add to the 5 you might have heard before. If you like to know the meanings, these are all the definitions:

AIOLI - Garlic mayonnaise

AIDOI - The plural of AIDOS, which means shame or modesty

VOZHD - A supreme leader in Russia

WAKF and WAQF - An Islamic donation to charity

NDUJA - A paste made of cured pork, peppers and spices

GHERAO - To surround or trap someone

URAEI - The plural of URAEUS, an Egyptian symbol of kingship

AULOI - The plural of AULOS which is an ancient wind instrument

AIYEE - An interjection used to express great alarm

Happy Scrabbling



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