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Multi Words

Before reading this article try thinking of words you know that fit this pattern

M _ _ _ I

5 letter words that start with an M and finish with an I

This article was inspired by a word that has always surprised me that it is not in our dictionary. No, it is not Maori, because that obviously has to start with a capital M. It is the word multi. Maybe it is just that I play bridge and there is a bid called the Multi 2 Diamonds that is used on several different hand types. Frequently one of my opponents will open 2 Diamonds and I will check with the other opponent how they play it by asking "Multi?" Most Kiwi scrabblers know about the word jandal being disallowed because our English dictionary believes it is a trade name and therefore needing a capital letter. Multi is just as surprising to me. I thought it was a word you used when buying a lotto ticket with more than one option or when making certain types of bet at the racetrack. Anyway, enough about that non-word. There were 14 words that did fit that pattern and I suspect that even our A Grade players will only have found a few of them.

MACHI This is an interesting word. It is used in India to describe an the English meal of fish and chips. They call it machi chips. Because it is only used in that context it cannot be pluralised.

MANDI Another word with Indian origins. It means a big market. iThere is one anagram - ADMIN

MAQUI Dense underbrush. If you have studied your Q lists you will know this combination also makes the word UMIAQ

MARRI A eucalyptus of Western Australia with coloured flowers

MATAI A New Zealand tree, also known as a black pine. If you think some of the words we use are unusual it is worth considering that we play a global game. This word is allowed in England and India too and they probably think it is as unusual as we find some of the other words on this list. You can imagine a newcomer going along for the first time to a scrabble club in London saying "What the hell is this word TUI"?

MAURI The soul. This has been adopted from the Maori language like HANGI

MEDII This is the plural of MEDIUS, the Latin name for the middle finger. An anagram of the word IMIDE.

MOCHI A Japanese confection of flour and sweetened bean paste. This word has two anagrams - CHIMO and OHMIC

MODII The plural of MODIUS a Roman measure for dry goods like grain or sugar. An anagram of the word IDIOM

MOOLI An East African vegetable a bit like a radish

MUFTI Civilian clothes

MURRI A word for a native Australian. MURREE is also acceptable

MURTI Sanskrit for the image of a god. Considered divine if consecrated

MYTHI The plural of the Latin word MYTHUS, a traditional story that we normally shorten to myth. Although it cannot take an S the word MYTHIC is good. It has an anagram - THYMI the plural of THYMUS

I hope you have learned a few new words. Maybe the scrabble gods will give you a chance to play one next Monday night



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