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QUAI Combos - May 17

Doesn't it seem easy to pick up letters like AAIIU and two consonants?

In order to try to balance your rack so that you might realistically hope for better letters on the next turn it would be nice to play a four or five letter word with AIU. Then you are drawing to either AI by itself or AI plus one consonant. That is as good as you can do with the rubbish you had.

There are 5 words of 4 letters with the AIU combination:

QUAI Alternative spelling of QUAY, a wharf for loading vessels

HUIA A New Zealand bird

KUIA An elderly Maori woman

UNAI A two-toed sloth. The alternative spelling UNAU is also useful

AITU A Polynesian demigod

There are 60 words of 5 letters with AIU. Just 10 have been chosen for this blog:

APPUI To provide with military support. Can also be spelled APPUY

HINAU A New Zealand tree

NAIRU An acronym for Non Accelerating Rate of Unemployment

NIKAU A New Zealand palm tree

PIKAU A Maori rucksack

PILAU A rice dish that can be spelled in 9 different ways

RAHUI A Maori prohibition

TUINA A type of Chinese therapeutic massage

UGALI A type of thick African porridge

WUXIA A genre of Chinese fiction with sword wielding heroes

I hope that was a varied enough list that there was something for everyone. The other 8 ways to spell PILAU are:


Happy Scrabbling



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