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Too many U's - 23/01/2021

I have already done blogs covering words that can be useful when you have a Q but do not have any U's. The letter U is not a favourite for most people, so if you happen to have two of them with your Q you probably want to dispose of them both at once. So the following is a list of 5 and 6 letter words including QUU.


To line-up for service. Also QUEUED and QUEUER


A system of knotted cords used by the Incas for calculation or putting information in order. It is also called QUIPO or QUIPPU


A Canadian woolen cap with tapered ends


A Gaelic word for whiskey. Some longer extensions are also allowed which would be brilliancies if played at scrabble. USQUEBAE, USQUABAE and USQUEBAUGH. To me they just sound as though someone just tried to write down what a drunkard was saying about what he wanted to drink!


A fermented Mexican beverage made from agave


The minimum number of people necessary for some business


A share. An alternative word for QUOTA


A monetary unit of Saudi Arabia. Also spelled QURSH and KURUSH


Everywhere. This word does not take a plural.


Having no other of its kind. Something is either unique or not, so to me UNIQUER doesn't make sense, but it is allowed. So is UNIQUES.


This is an alternative spelling of the word SQUASH. It does look as though it is a waste of two S's, but it would be fun to play!

Happy Scrabbling



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