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Unexpected Meaning - 19/12/2020

On my study list there is a word I have often found difficult to see

It seems like an ordinary word that everyone would recognise

However, today my eye caught the meaning and I was surprised

The word is URINATOR - What do you think it means?

One who dives under water in search of something, as for pearls

If you are a pearl diver please put URINATOR on your passport :-)

Maybe words with AIOU and no E are hard to untangle

Here are some other words in that category with similar consonants:


A small drum that is longer in the body than a TABOR

There are other useful spellings of this - TABORIN and TABORINE


The work performed by a CURATOR.


Excessive urination during the night


The portion of time during which something exists


This is allowed because there is a minotaur beetle

The plural is minotaur beetles so you cannot pluralise minotaur


An Australian cockatiel. It can also be spelled QUARRIAN


Atomic fallouts occurring in precipitation


An adjective related to cobbling (shoe mending)

SUTORIAL has the same meaning

Happy Scrabbling



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