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XMAS - 23/12/2020

Merelyn challenged me on a 3 letter word at club on Monday

It was XED, a word which means crossed out

Interestingly XING is not allowed. Zyzzyva gives an unusual reason

It says that an apostrophe is required after the X making it x'ing

Weird! To use a similar example: - it isn't fixed and fix'ing is it?

Just as weird is that XMAS isn't allowed. It needs a capital X

So does Christmas. The only legal 9 letter word there is CHARTISMS

Christ needs a capital too. CHIRTS, CRITHS, RICHTS & STRICH are OK

Below is a list for you of 4 letter X words that you can play

I have tried to choose ones that non-experts might not have known

There are 12 - you can learn one on each day of Christmas

Instead of a partridge in your pear tree you will find two wrynecks!

BRUX - A verb meaning to grind your teeth together

DIXI - A declaration that originate in Latin, meaning "I have spoken"

DIXY - A military cooking pot. Also spelled DIXIE

DOUX - An adjective used to refer to the sweetness of champagne

FLOX - Flox silk. Another name for floss silk. Doesn't pluralise

JAXY - The posterior. Also spelled JAXIE

JYNX - An alternative name for a bird called a wryneck

MOXA - A woolly mass prepared from artemisia chinensis leaves

MYXO - Australian slang. Short for myxomatosis, a rabbit disease

OXIC - Used to describe a process involving oxygen

XYST - Covered entrance to a Greek temple. XYSTS & XYSTI are good

YUNX - An alternative name for a bird called a wryneck

Happy Scrabbling and Merry Christmas



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