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You are paying with what?

Here are a few unusual words that are all related by the fact that they refer to either the general currency or a specific coin. Our dictionary does not include the entire list. Some seem to have been overlooked. Not only can you not travel back to 19th century Algeria to spend any BUDJU, a currency that was divided into lesser units of MUZUNA and KHARUB, but you are not even allowed to spend them on a scrabble board as they are not legal in our game. Each of the currencies or coins below comes complete with where you are able - or used to be able - to spend them

ARIARY --- Madagascar

AUSTRAL --- Argentina

BALBOA --- Panama

BIRR --- Ethiopia

BOLIVAR --- Venezuela

CEDI --- Ghana

CORDOBA --- Nicaragua

CRUZADO --- Portugal and Brazil

CRUZEIRO --- Brazil (replaced the cruzado)

DALASI --- Gambia

DENAR --- Macedonia

DINAR --- Many countries

DINERO --- Spain

DRACHMA --- Greece

ESCUDO --- many countries

GOURDE --- Haiti

GROSZ --- (also GROSZE) --- Poland

GUARANI --- Paraguay

GUILDER --- Netherlands

GULDEN --- Netherlands

HRVNYIA --- Ukraine

HWAN --- South Korea

INTI --- Peru

KORUNA --- Czechoslavakia

KRONE --- Denmark

KRONUR --- (plural KRONA) --- Sweden

KROON --- Estonia

KUNA --- Croatia

KWACHA --- Malawi and Zamia

KWANZA --- Angola

KYAT --- Myanmar

I am sure that is a longer list than you thought there would be and we have only reached the letter K. That is plenty of new words to learn in one go. The rest of the alphabet will have to wait for another time.

Happy Scrabbling



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