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Some Fresh Ammunition

The words we can play are like weapons in our armoury. Just like warfare over the centuries those weapons gradually evolve. Now the latest word list CSW19 is now able to be used in New Zealand. Some of these changes will make a difference, but don't feel that you need to learn all the new words. After all you didn't know all the old words did you? OK, you did Nigel, but what are you doing reading my blog? :)

While it is difficult to learn them all, it would be useful to pick up on some of the shorter new words, so there is no quiz this week. We are just going to look at the three new 2 letter words, six new 3 letter words and thirteen new 4 letter words

EW An interjection meaning to express disgust. EEW and EEEW were already allowed, but now you can spell it with just one E.

OK Expressing assent. This is definitely going to be important strategically because it means a letter can be put in front of a K. it is important to note that although it sounds like a verb *oked* and *oking* are not allowed. You have to spell those words as OKAYED and OKAYING

ZE A gender neutral third person singular. Now the Z will become an even more valuable tile. While we have always had ZO, the Americans did not even have that word. Then ZA came in as short for pizza and now we have ZE. You will need to play carefully in the endgame now if the Z is still outstanding

BAE American for sweetheart or lover. I do not know if this is an original term or whether Americans are just too lazy to pronounce the second B in BABE

BAO A Chinese steamed dumpling usually eaten with a filling. Now there are 4 ways of using these 3 letters as ABO, BOA and OBA were already allowed

DOX To publish personal information about someone on the internet. This is a verb so DOXES, DOXED and DOXING are all good

UME A yellow Japanese fruit similar to an apricot. Julie and I enjoy watching several different cooking programs, but I can’t recall anyone using this fruit. Keep an eye out for this word as a front hook for ME or a back hook for UM

VAX Abbreviation of vaccine. It is only a noun so you can have VAXES, but not *vaxed* or *vaxing*

ZEN A state of calm attentiveness. It is about time this word was allowed. It is in such common use that some people have been surprised when it was challenged off.

BAES Plural of BAE

BAOS Plural of BAO

BLUD Blood. Since BLUDY, BLUDIE, BLUDIER and BLUDIEST were already allowed as alternatives for BLOODY, including this makes sense

CALS The 2015 update allowed CAL as being an abbreviation of calorie. It always seemed strange that the plural wasn’t allowed before now

FIFI A kind of hook

GYAN A Hindi term for knowledge

MACA A plant from the Andes that is used as a stimulant and health supplement. It is interesting that the anagram which was already allowed from these letters – CAMA – at least partially comes from the same region, because it is a cross between a camel and a llama

OWIE An injury that is not serious. If you play this in the wrong spot you could give your opponent a chance to play BOWIE, DOWIE, ROWIE, TOWIE, YOWIE or ZOWIE. Some of those could cause serious injury

PEDI An abbreviation of PEDICURE

ROHE The territory controlled by a Maori tribal group. I must confess this wasn’t something I knew. Perhaps I am not sufficiently culturally aware

TIFO An elaborate organised display performed by supporters during a football match. I have a hunch this word might come in useful.

UMES Plural of UME

ZENS Plural of ZEN

We don’t have room in this blog to go into all the new five letter words, but I will just mention 3 of them. One each for the big letters J, Q and Z that would be really nice to be able to play.

NDUJA An Italian paste of cured pork, peppers and spices

QAPIK One 100th of a MANAT, the currency of Azerbaijan. Also GOPIK

YOWZA An expression of surprise. I was interested in this word, because when I have seen it used before it looked as though it was an expression of pleasure. I am certainly prepared to say YOWZA if I get to play it!

Happy Scrabbling Patrick

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