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Around The Horn

Around the Horn is a nautical term referring to the difficult passage around Cape Horn at the Southern tip of South America. This list is not fair weather sailing either, but I hope you like it. They are interesting 7 or 8 letter words that either start of finish with the word HORN. It is restricted to words that are interesting and reference the word HORN. For example, I have not included words like BETHORN (referencing the word THORN) or HORNITO (Spanish word for something volcanic that just happens to start with HORN). I have also not included such ordinary words as HORNING or HORNIER. The first part of the list is words that start with HORN:

HORNBAG -- An offensive name for a promiscuous woman

HORNBEAK -- An alternative name for the GARFISH

HORNBEAM -- An alternative name for a tree called a HARDBEAM

HORNBILL -- A bird

HORNBOOK -- An ancient child's schoolbook

HORNBUG -- A stag beetle

HORNDOG -- A sexually aggressive man

HORNFELS -- A compact type of rock. Plural is HORNFELSES

HORNFISH -- Also another name for the GARFISH

HORNFUL -- The capacity of a drinking horn

HORNGELD -- Feudal rent calculated by the number of horned cattle

HORNISH -- Like horn

HORNIST -- A horn player

HORNLESS -- Without horns

HORNLET -- A little horn

HORNLIKE -- Like horn

HORNPIPE -- A lively British folk dance

HORNPOUT -- A type of catfish

HORNTAIL -- An alternative name for the wood wasp

HORNWORK -- Work in horn


HORNWORT -- An aquatic herb

Whew!.... But wait there is more. Words ending in HORN:

ALPHORN -- A long powerful horn made of wood. Also ALPENHORN

ALTHORN -- A brass wind instrument

BIGHORN -- A type of wild sheep

BUCKHORN -- Material from a buck's horn used as handles

BULLHORN -- A megaphone or loud hailer

COEHORN -- A small mortar for throwing grenades. Also COHORN

CRUMHORN -- An ancient double reed wind intrument

DEERHORN -- The horn of a deer

DISHORN -- To deprive of horns

ELKHORN -- A fern with a large leaf like an elk's horn

FOGHORN -- A horn sounded in foggy conditions to sound a warning

GEMSHORN -- the horn of a chamois used as a wind instrument

INKHORN -- A small container for ink

KRUMHORN -- The same as a CRUMHORN

LEGHORN -- A kind of smoorth plaited straw

LONGHORN -- A breed of cattle with long horns

RAMSHORN -- A snail that is used as an aquarium scavenger

SAXHORN -- A brass wind instrument

SHOEHORN -- To force something into a small space

SLUGHORN -- An old form of slogan. Also SLUGHORNE

STAGHORN -- A stag's antler

TINHORN -- A showy, pretentious person

WALDHORN -- A French valveless hunting horn

It is true that you would need to be lucky to get a chance to play one of these words, but it is certainly a fun list isn't it?

Happy Scrabbling



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