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Don't let INERTIA slow you down

We have all been there. You have a word on your rack. It is one from a common letter group such as RETINA, so you possibly even know that it doesn’t have an anagram.

All too often when there is only one word on your rack you find that it doesn’t fit on the board. That is called a homeless bingo. When that happens your best chance is to use a letter on the board to make an 8 letter word. If you had INERTIA on your rack and it didn't fit anywhere, how many of the words below would you have found?

You could play up to a C to make: ARENITIC – Like a rock made chiefly of sandy grains

You could start from a D to make: DAINTIER – More delicate

You could play through or up to an E to make: INERTIAE – One of the plurals of intertia

You could play from an F to make: FAINTIER – Comparatively more faint

You could play up to an L to make: INERTIAL – Relating to inertia

You could play through an N to make: TRIENNIA – The plural of TRIENNIUM – three years

You could start from a P to make: PAINTIER – Comparatively more covered in paint

You could play any of these three words involving an S INERTIAS – One of the plurals of inertia RAINIEST – Comparatively more rain SATINIER – More closely resembling satin

You could play through a Z to make: TRIAZINE – A nitrogen compound used in herbicides

Happy Scrabbling



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