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Hail to the Chief

The new president after the AGM is Liz Fagerlund, so I have used the letters in her name to provide material for this week’s blog


A Grade Challenge


There are 2 words of 8 letters and 20 words of 7 letters that you can make from the letters FAGERLUND. Here are both eights and some of the sevens


A     D     E     F     L     R     U

D     E     G     L     N     R     U

A     D     E     G     L     R     U

A     D     E     F     L     N     R     U

A     D     E     F     G     L     R     U


B & C Grade Study List


If you have LIZ and want to make a 5 letter word here are all the possibilities:


AIZLE   A Scottish word for hot ashes

ZILAS   Administrative districts in British India

ZILLA   Administrative district as above (also ZILLAH)

BEZIL   The oblique side or face of a cut gem

BLITZ   To wage a bombing attack from the air

ZILCH   Nothing

SIZEL   Metal clippings or scrap metal

ULZIE   A Scottish term for oil (Also ULYIE)

FUZIL   A type of flintlock musket

GLITZ   To make something glitzy or more attractive

ZILLS   Cymbals worn on the fingers

MILTZ   The spleen when used in Jewish cookery

ZORIL   A small African mammal

Answers to A Grade Challenge

DAREFUL    Full of daring

GRUNDLE   The perineum

RAGULED    Describing a line with oblique projections

DEARNFUL   Solitary or mournful (also DERNFUL)

FELDGRAU   The grey colour of German military uniforms


Odds and Ends

There are opportunities for very nice plays if a game is started with either WINGED or WINGER. Either of those words would be played with the W on the double letter square because it scores more and doesn’t open scoring opportunities. Only consonants go next to the double letter squares near the middle of the board. However, both of those words open nice 3 letter plays that go back to the triple word square:




Happy Scrabbling




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