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Have a Gin

Focusing too much on -ING words is a dubious tactic. Although it is true that the -ING option is easy to spot it is not quite as playable as some other alternatives. If you have to hook the end of a 7 letter word onto something, G is not the most flexible letter.

So it is not recommended to try too hard to get GIN on your rack. However, they are not uncommon letters so they crop up sometimes without you even trying. It is therefore useful to know some of the bonus words that contain those letters even if they do not end in -ING


A Grade Challenge


You have spotted some 8 letter -ING words but sadly the letter on the board is in the wrong place to let you play the obvious word. Can you spot the alternative play with each combination?


R      I      V     A     L     I     N     G

S      P      A     W     N     I     N     G

H      U      S     T     L     I     N     G

P      A      T     C     H     I     N     G

B      O      O     S     T     I     N     G


Maybe some B and C graders might want to have a go at this challenge as all the words are normal enough that I did not need to put any meanings on the answers. But can you spot them when they are not an -ING word?

B & C Grade Study List


The 14 words to learn today are 7 letter bingos that:

1)  Contain the letters GIN but do not end in -ING

2)  Don’t have another anagram.

3)  Are high probability for you to get on your rack.

4)  Are not words you would find in common speech.


AGENISE   To treat flour with a chemical for bleaching

AGNISED To have acknowledged something

ANERGIA   Lack of energy

EPIGEAN   Coming close to the ground

EUGENIA    A genus of tropical trees and shrubs

GANOINE   A hard shiny substance resembling enamel

GLENOID   Shaped like a socket

GREISEN   A rock composed of quartz and mica

LENTIGO   A freckle. The plural is LENTIGINES

NEGRONI   An alcoholic beverage

ORIGANE   Wild marjoram - a herb

RANGOLI   A Hindu pattern of coloured sand and rice flour

REGINAE   One of the plurals of REGINA – a queen

TENTIGO   Morbid lasciviousness

Answers to A Grade Challenge








Happy Scrabbling




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