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Here Comes The Sun

Yes, summer is here, so here comes the SUN. The inspiration for this week’s theme is something that could only be put in the Odds and Ends section, but it is the motif in the A Grade Challenge and the B-C Learning List as well.


A Grade Challenge


 D      I      I     N     S     T     U     Y

D      I     L     N     R     S     U     Y

A     C     I     M     N     S     T     U

A     E     F     N     R     S     T     U

B     E     N     R     R     S     U     Y


B & C Grade Study List


The 12 words to learn today are 7 letter bingos that:

1)  Contain the letters SUN.

2)  Don’t have another anagram.

3)  Are high probability for you to get on your rack.

4)  Are not words you would find in common speech.


AENEOUS   Of a shining, bronze colour

ARENOUS   Very sandy (also ARENOSE)

DOUANES   Customhouses (for collecting tax)

EUCAINS   Mild anaesthetics (also EUCAINE)

GUNITES   A fine grained mix of cement, sand and water

IGNEOUS   Describing rocks formed by cooling magma

LENTOUS   Thick and adhesive

NOURSLE   To foster

NUTRIAS   Large South American rodents. (COYPUS)

SOUTANE   The cassock of a Roman Catholic priest

UNALIST   A person who believes in one supreme god

URINOSE   Pertaining to urine


Answers to A Grade Challenge


DISUNITY    A lack of unity

SUNDRILY   In a miscellaneous manner

TSUNAMIC    Like a tidal wave

AFTERSUN   Lotion applied to the skin after sunburn

SUNBERRY   A dark edible fruit


The words today didn’t just have the letters SUN. Those letters were in sequence within the word


Odds and Ends

Chris Tallman, who was visiting last week, played UNBATHED against me. A nice play, particularly as it scored 106. It wasn’t until much later after I went home that I thought of putting an S in front of it for SUNBATHED. So obvious when you think about it. Not sure if I had an S or not, but it certainly never occurred to me at the time. A little research found these 8 letter words that could be similarly brightened up with an S front hook:











A SUNCHOKE is a type of sunflower

Happy Scrabbling Patrick


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