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Racist Words

Every serious scrabbler will have looked at the words which can be made from letter groups like RETINA and SATIRE but some less well known stems can provide some interesting words. This one is a little less likely to get on your rack because it needs a C, but if you learn these words they will come in handy


(A) CARITAS – Love for all people. The plural is CARITASES

(B) CABRITS – Pronghorn antelopes. Singular is CABRIT

(C) ARCTICS – Waterproof overshoes

(D) DRASTIC – A severe purgative medicine. The plural is DRASTICS

(E) ATRESIC – Of ATRESIA, the absence or closure of a body passage (E) CRISTAE – Plural of CRISTA – a ridge or fold resembling a crest (E) RACIEST – More RACY (E) STEARIC – Pertaining to, or obtained from, STEARIN or tallow

(G) GASTRIC – Pertaining to the stomach (G) TRAGICS – Plural of TRAGIC – an element of a drama

(I) SATIRIC – Like satire

(K) KARSTIC – Describing a landscape with limestone features

(L) CITRALS – Lemon flavourings

(M) MATRICS – Short for matriculations

(N) NARCIST – Someone with excessive love for themselves

(R) TRICARS – Three wheeled cars

(S) RACISTS – Advocates of racism (S) SACRIST – A church official in charge of the SACRISTY

(T) ASTRICT – To bind or constrict (T) TRIACTS – Three rayed sponge spicules

(U) URTICAS – Plants of the nettle genus

(W) TWISCAR – A turf spade.

(Y) SATYRIC – Of satyrs – Greek gods of the woodlands

(Z) CZARIST – A supporter of being governed by a czar

Happy Scrabbling



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