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Six Men

I will be at scrabble tonight, having missed a couple of weeks. However next week I will be away at the National Bridge Congress so not only will I not be at Scrabble next week, but there will be no blog either. Fortunately I chose such a long list that you will be bound to need to review it on the following week. Alternatively you could learn half this week and half next week

A Grade Challenge

Only 1 rack for the A grade challenge this week. The first word on the learning list is AIDMAN. A good 6 letter word, but how about if you also have a blank?

A A D I M N ?

What 7 letter bingos can you make with AIDMAN and a blank?

There are 5 answers. They all use the blank as a different letter. This is definitely not an easy quiz. I know that I would have got 1 and have an idea that I might have seen 2 more so would like to think that getting 3 was a possibility. Hats off to you if you can get 4 or 5.

B & C Grade Learning List

There are a lot of 6 letters words that can be spelled both –MAN and –MEN. It is true that playing a 6 letter word is not as rewarding as playing a bingo. However there will be lots of opportunities to play some of the words below. It is the full list, so you will already know some of them, but there are a lot that I would not have been sure of. Perhaps because I have studied too many 7 letter bingos and missed many of these 6 letter words .

AIDMAN Enlisted man trained in first aid

AIRMAN An aviator

APEMAN Any of several human ancestors

ASHMAN Someone who collects ashes

AXEMAN A man who uses an axe. Also AXMAN

BADMAN An outlaw

BAGMAN A travelling salesman

BARMAN A male bartender

BATMAN An officer’s personal assistant

BAYMAN A person who works about a bay

BINMAN A refuse disposal man

BOGMAN The body of a man preserved in peat

BOWMAN An archer

BUSMAN The driver of a bus

CABMAN The driver of a cab

CARMAN A streetcar driver

CONMAN A confidence trickster

COWMAN Someone who owns cattle

CUPMAN A Good friend

DOGMAN Someone who directs a crane while sitting on the load

DOLMAN A hussar’s jacket

This is a rare case where MAN and MEN words both exist but are different. DOLMEN is a tomb of unhewn stones

FENMAN A fen country resident

FLYMAN The driver of a light public carriage

FOEMAN An enemy in war

FOGMAN A man who sets railway fog signals

GADMAN A man who drives horses at the plough. Also GADSMAN

GAGMAN A man who writes jokes

GASMAN An employee of a gas company

GEMMAN An archaic form of gentleman

GERMAN An elaborate dance

Another case of separate MAN and MEN words. GERMEN is an origin

GIGMAN The driver of a gig (seems to be another term for uber driver)

GUNMAN Someone armed with a gun

HETMAN A Cossack headman or general

HITMAN A professional killer

HODMAN A bricklayer’s labourer

ICEMAN A man who supplies ice

LAWMAN A law enforcement officer

LAYMAN A member of the laity

LEGMAN A journalist assigned to gather information

MADMAN A man who is insane

MERMAN A mythical being with a man’s body and a fish’s tail

NONMAN A being that is not a man

OILMAN Someone who owns or operates an oil well

PENMAN An author

PIEMAN Someone who sells pies

PIGMAN A pig farmer

PITMAN A mine worker

POTMAN A man who serves customers in a tavern

PREMAN A hypothetical ancestor of man

RAGMAN A man who collects or deals in rags

RODMAN A surveyor’s assistant. Also RODSMAN

SAXMAN A saxophone player

SEAMAN A sailor

SKYMAN A paratrooper

SOCMAN A tenant by socage. A type of feudal land tenure

SUBMAN A primitive being

TAXMAN Someone who collects taxes

TINMAN A worker of tin

TITMAN The smallest of a litter of pigs

TOPMAN A sailor who works in the topsail

TOYMAN A seller of toys

TUTMAN Someone who does piecework

VANMAN A van driver

VATMAN Someone who works for Customs and Excise

WARMAN A warrior

YEOMAN A member of a class of small farmers

Answers to A Grade Challenge

DAMIANA A type of tropical shrub

JAMDANI A type of dacca muslin

MANDIRA A type of Hindu temple

MAIDANS An Indian term for plains or spaces near a town

DAYANIM A senior rabbi

Happy Scrabbling Patrick


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