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T for Two

There are 6 of them in the bag so occasionally you get TTT or even TTTT. I cannot recall doing a blog covering good words to dump a T or two so this seemed like a good idea. This blog has 10 interesting 5 letter words that have two T’s


This is an adjective pertaining to a type of ballet movement, so don’t try putting an S on the end. However it does have two good hooks – an A in front or an E at the end. ABATTU means downcast or dejected, so also doesn’t take an S. BATTUE means indiscriminate slaughter, so BATTUES is allowed


A child’s word for father, particularly in East Africa. It does take an S. Another A even goes in front. You would think that such an unusual configuration would have the same linguistic origin, but making it ATAATA moves us from East Africa to New Zealand. It is the Maori name of a marine gastropod and can also be pluralised. John Foster played ATAATAS against me in a tournament and I had to challenge because some Maori words do not take an S, but I was out of luck with that one


A particular type of eucalyptus tree endemic to Western Australia. It could be useful to remember the alternative spellings of TOOART or TEWART. All of them take a normal plural with an S


An artistic representation of a cherub. Because it comes from Italian the plural is PUTTI. As a plural that word also doesn’t take an S, but does take an E to make the word PUTTIE. That is a long strip of cloth wrapped around the lower leg, particularly as part of an army uniform. It can also be spelled PUTTEE. The letters in PUTTI can be anagrammed to TITUP, a verb meaning to prance


A word of Irish origin meaning a tribe or people


A fibrous band in the tongue of some carnivores. It can be pluralised in two ways. Both LYTTAS and LYTTAE are good


A word which says what it means. It is a large knife. There is an alternative spelling of CUTTOE. In fact the only plural is CUTTOES so do not play it with the –OS ending


Someone who is being tutored


A bench in a boat upon which a rower sits


The caribou. It can also be spelled TUKTOO. Everyone has played TUTU at some stage. Next time just check to see if you have a K to play as well

Happy Scrabbling



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