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URR..... How about these words?

When you want to dispose of URR from your rack you are probably going to scan the board for a Y to play CURRY, FURRY or HURRY but if there is no Y available here are a few other interesting 5 letter words with those 3 letters


A monetary unit of Iceland. It has a completely different looking spelling of EYRIR. Neither of them can be pluralised. It is also a good hook for the end of AURA, a common word to be played. I bet you have seen AURAE, AURAL and AURAS in one of your games. Can you recall anyone playing AURAR?


To make a vibrant sound


The plural of CRUS which is the shank of the leg. It has a good adjective by adding an L. Come to think of it CRURAL is also a good front hook for RURAL


A mass of coagulated blood. It has two plurals – CRUORS and CRUORES


An Indian millet. It is not surprising that such a basic foodstuff has more than one spelling, but 9 different ways of spelling it seems like overkill! The other 8 options are DARI, DHOORA, DHOURRA, DHURRA, DOURA, DOURAH, DURA and DURR.


An obsolete word for a cur


A knot of wood. Also spelled KNUR, NUR and NURR


An ancient Roman substance used to make fine cups and vases. It has a nice alternative spelling of MURRHA and you can hook a Y for MURRAY - an alternative spelling of MORAY eel


The guillemot. An auk. If you see the next entry you will note that it takes an E or N hook. It also takes a Y for MURREY – another spelling of MORAY eel


A native Australian. It can also be spelled MURREE. From my days of watching Monty Python I thought all Australians were called Bruce. It seems they should be called MURRAY instead. As well as taking an S you can also add an N for MURRIN, a disease of cattle (also spelled MURREN, MURRAIN and MURRION)

That is 10 words. I hope you find something in there that will be useful for you

Happy Scrabbling



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