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What the F**K

I challenged a 4 letter word played by Mary Gray on Monday – KUFI – a close fitting, brimless, round or cylindrical hat worn by Muslim men.

Hmm – BRIMLESS – there is a good bingo I might not have thought of

Anyway, back to the topic for today. After that unsuccessful challenge I wondered what interesting words I could find using both an F and a K. I am sure there will be enough interesting ones that I won’t need to use the one you have already thought of. Here are 12 – 8 words of 4 letters and 4 words of 5 letters. There should be something for everyone here

KHAF – The 11th letter of the Hebrew alphabet

KIFF – An adjective to describe something that is excellent

KOFF – A small Dutch sailing vessel

FYKE – A verb meaning to fidget restlessly. Also FIKE.

FILK – A type of music that parodies folk music

FUSK – To obtain data from a website using a FUSKER. A type of computer program which generates obvious passwords and file names

SKYF – A verb meaning to smoke

WAKF – (Arabic) A donation of land, property or money for pious purposes

NAKFA – The standard currency unit of Eritrea

FLEEK -- Stylishness

KULFI – An Indian dessert made by freezing milk

SKELF – A splinter of wood, especially one embedded in the skin

Happy Scrabbling



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