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X Marks the Spot

The computer was telling me that it was time I did a blog on some X words. First it played an X word that I didn't know against me and then it gave me EXISTED as a great way to start a game. I wasn't as far ahead as you might think because it immediately played CO in front to score 57 for COEXISTED.

Here are 10 meanings for words of 5 or 6 letters that include an X. i have chosen quite unusual ones in the hope that there are some you might not have seen before. Although there are only 10 meanings you will see that there are 14 different words for you to learn.

BONXIE -- A type of seabird also called the Great Skua

BOXLA -- A form of lacrosse that is played indoors

BOXTY -- An Irish dish of potato griddlecakes with various fillings

CARFAX -- A place where 4 roads meet

CARFOX -- A place where 4 roads meet

COXIB -- A drug used to treat osteoarthritis

DRUXY -- An adjective that describes timber with decayed spots

EXEQUY -- Funeral procession. Will you be watch an exequy tonight?

EXODOS -- A concluding dramatic scene

EXODOI -- Concluding dramatic scenes

GUANXI -- Chinese social concept based on the exchange of favours

OXGANG -- As much land as an ox can plough

OXGATE -- As much land as an ox can plough

OXLAND -- As much land as an ox can plough

Happy Scrabbling



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