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Two Chunky Letters

I thought it might be interesting to look at some higher scoring 4 letter words without listing the ones with J, Q, X and Z that everyone has already seen. Let's use the letters H and K. How many 4 letter words can you list that have both an H and a K in them? I am not even going to tell you how many there are. Just grab that scrap of paper sitting next to your computer and start writing down the ones that you know. I am sure that you can think of some! STOP RIGHT THERE Yes, I saw you scrolling down to the bottom of the page looking for the answers. Back in the old days, before this blog, when I used to come to the scrabble club with a photocopied quiz and some interesting words lots of peop

No! Put the 'S' on the Other End

There are some words that you might think take an S for a plural when in fact they don’t, but you can hook an S at the beginning instead. The list below shows first the base word, followed by words made by hooking a letter in front and then finally any words that can be made by hooking a letter afterwards. Because the base word can never be followed with an S there might be no words in that final column. Also, I am listing so many words, that I won’t be including the meanings, so if there are any that are interesting you will have to look them up yourself. AVANT SAVANT AVANTI AVINE RAVINE,

Is That Really a Verb?

This is a list of some 8 letter words ending in –ING. It was inspired by my spotting an anagram pair both of which I would have considered challenging because they looked as though the base word was a noun rather than a verb. That pair was: BAGELING Beating someone 6-0 at tennis. The zero is referred to as a bagel BEAGLING Hunting with beagles I have chosen 8 letter words to look at for this because it means the past tense of BEAGLED and BAGELED are also words of bingo length. After being inspired by that pair here are some other offerings I have found: ALIASING Providing with an alias ANGELING Supporting financially BINGOING Playing all your tiles for a bonus sco

When it isn't Routine...

Sometimes you get a nice easy 7 letter word on your rack, but it doesn’t fit on the board. A good example would be ROUTINE. There is no other anagram so if the only 7 letter word you have doesn’t fit you will either have to find an 8 letter word using something on the board or you will have to play OU somewhere for a small score and hope to get lucky drawing to INTER. So what 8 letter words might you be able to make with ROUTINE plus one other letter? There are 13 of them. I will give you one of them – ROUTINES – for free, which just leaves you 12 more to find. Answers at the bottom of the page Something that isn’t routine for new club players who have only played against their family at hom

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